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Join the thousands of people who are correcting core imbalance and living free of back pain by using BackBridge™ for just 2 minutes, 2 times a day.

Back pain free with Backbridge
Backbridge checklist Amazingly simple and effective!
Backbridge checklist Use at home, in the car and at the
Backbridge checklist Easy to use and noninvasive
Backbridge checklist Soft and comfortable high-density
Backbridge checklist Portable—goes wherever you go!

Unlike with other back pain remedies:

Backbridge inventor Dr. Sinett
Backbridge checklist No complicated contraptions
Backbridge checklist Nothing to plug in.
Backbridge checklist No side effects from over-the-
counter drugs or pain killers
Backbridge checklist No costly medical bills
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Struggling just to:
Backbridge struggling checklist Get in and out of your car Backbridge struggling checklist Sit comfortably at work or elsewhere
Backbridge struggling checklist Tie your shoes Backbridge struggling checklist Climb stairs
Backbridge struggling checklist Pick up or play with your child Backbridge struggling checklist Simply get through the day
Backbridge struggling checklist Stand up Backbridge struggling checklist Get out of bed
Backbridge struggling checklist Carry a grocery bag Backbridge struggling checklist Exercise
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The first time I laid on BackBridge™ was amazing! I only had to lie on it for a couple of minutes to feel the effects of how great it is.

— Heather Bostwick

Backbridge Jose background Backbridge™ feedback - Jose

BackBridge™ makes me feel like a brand-new person. It’s awesome to feel that you have control over your body again— that you can move without thinking about it.

— Jose Antonio Pelayo

Backbridge Steve background Backbridge™ feedback - Steve

Based upon my years of experience as a chiropractor, I would absolutely recommend that patients use BackBridge™ as support for their health.

— Steve Diamant


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